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Emmanuel Nusimovici
[email protected]

Open source software and components for dealing rooms

We are a pioneer in open source for financial markets. We write and centralize code for the whole industry. Our first module, the “Postiion builder” is a generic way of handling CVA and collateral calls. We can also taylor fit your needs through funded developement.

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Funded development and customer partnsership programs

We can taylor fit your needs or make sure our solution goes in the direction you wish. We provide funded development or you could take part in our customer partnership program. Your project is a priority and we will commit to a delivery date and a content.

Request for quote

A “Request for quote” process is the way a salesperson obtains a quote (in volatility for FX or equity options , in spread for CDS…)to price a strategy from a trader.

Position builder

Comprehensive tool for CVA, collateral manage;ent and regulatory reporting