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Chris Lees
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Online FIX and ITCH Specifications

FixSpec is pioneering online trading specifications for venues and brokers. By freeing protocol information from inaccessible PDFs and making it interactive, we can provide new web tools like decoders and a powerful spec compare tool to allow developers to connect faster and with fewer errors.

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Multi-Venue Certification Utility

A certification service in the cloud for firms looking to streamline and automate FIX onboarding. We take your FIX spec and UAT access to create a mirror of your interface. Available all day, every day, developers can use it to build to your interface at their own pace, saving both parties time.

Visual FIX decoder

Innovative FIX log decoder with a unique visual display. Takes a raw FIX log, fully parses it, validates it against a spec and shows it as directional arrows on a scrolling timeline. Powerful filter tools allow FIX developers to quickly narrow results. The tool is free of charge to registered users.