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B2BITS®, EPAM SYSTEMS' Capital Markets Competency Center Head Office

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Mark Bisker
[email protected]

OMS Lite

The OMS Lite suite of products enables a broker / dealer or institution to purchase an all-in-one solution for electronic trading needs. OMS Lite solutions handle the wide range of trading related processes starting with real time indications of market activity through order entry and approval up to the point of trade confirmation and allocation. B2BITS can also provide flat fee bandwidth through to the network or counterparty of your choice. The system is available separately for brokers/dealers (OMS Lite – Broker) and for Institutions (OMS Lite – Institution)


  • single electronic standard for interaction with multiple counterparties
  • market information and order execution through a single client
  • multiple asset classes tradable through a single client
  • reduced operational risk
  • "Out of the Box" solutions ready to trade within hours
  • reduced costs
  • more clients per trader
  • fewer failed trades to unravel
  • integration with back office systems (no re-keying)
  • no phone or fax needed

B2BITS’ OMS Lite solutions are built on Java for full cross platform functionality. All solutions are designed to be extended quickly and easily to address functionality as required by clients.

With this solution set B2BITS has brought its unique pricing model to the OMS space charging no license fees, only a single support fee which includes upgrades to the latest version of the software.

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