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Omgeo EMEA Office

Aldgate House, 33 Aldgate High Street

Omgeo Americas Office

55 Thomson Place

Omgeo Asia Office

80 Robinson Road #15-00


011 44 207 369 7873


Katherine Murdie
[email protected]


Omgeo OASYS is our U.S. domestic trade allocation and acceptance service that communicates trade and allocation details between investment managers and broker/dealers. OASYS replaces error-prone faxes, phone calls and e-mail by automating trade processing, improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing the risk of trade failure.
Key Benefits
  • Increase efficiency and minimize processing costs by limiting duplication of effort, ultimately lowering back-office overhead 
  • Reduce risk by eliminating costly errors associated with manual and verbal communications 
  • Simplify workflow with a single point of access for all U.S. domestic allocations for all counterparties
  • Gain faster connectivity via the Internet and mitigate risk associated with dial-up modems

Key Features
  • Automatically send allocations from investment managers to broker/dealers following trade execution 
  • Provide a current status of trade activity 
  • Accept or reject trade details and allocations on the same business day 
  • Automatically append broker/dealers’ internal account numbers to allocations when used in conjunction with Omgeo ALERT 
  • Central, real-time matching capabilities through OASYS-TradeMatch, allowing for allocation level control and the ability to cancel unmatched trades

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