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ERI Bancaire Luxembourg S.A. Office

21, rue Eugène Ruppert
L – 2453 Luxembourg

ERI Bancaire S.A., LUGANO Office

Corso Elvezia 9,
CH – 6900 Lugano

ERI Banking Software PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE Office

10, Collyer Quay Ocean Financial Centre Level 37 06-10
Singapore – 049315




Nadine Lenardon
[email protected]

OLYMPIC Banking System

OLYMPIC Banking System offers a wide range of functions in a multi-currency, multi-language, real-time environment. OLYMPIC Banking System is the acknowledged market leader in Switzerland and Luxembourg for integrated banking systems and is used by 300 banks and financial institutions in 50 countries. The size of the sites ranges from 10 to several hundred users. The functions covered include funds, transfers, loans, FX, Money Market, securities and derivatives trading, settlement and custody, portfolio management, e-banking, general ledger and MIS. Functions include: Portfolio Management, Accounts, FX, MM, Trade Finance, Shipping Loans, Commercial Loans, Syndicated Loans, Revolving Credit, Negotiable Instruments, Futures, Options, FRA, IRS, CRS, Repos, Bonds, Precious Metals, Investment Funds, Global Custody, Centralised management, Nostro-Vostro reconciliations via third party systems, General and analytical accounting, MIS, e-banking and on-line brokerage, STP, cash desk, standing orders, savings accounts, deposit accounts, commercial and private credits, mortgage loans, remittance of bills, credit cards, cheques, debit cards,loans, printing of client reports (including graphics and colours), Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.