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Richard Brath
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Oculus for Java

Oculus for Java is a software toolkit (SDK) for creating interactive 3D financial visualizations easily embedded into web pages. It includes a large library of classes on top of a robust 3D engine. is 100% pure Java 1.1 compliant – it will run on Microsoft, SUN, Linux, etc.

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Oculus Financial Visualization Services

Oculus designs and develops interactive financial visualization software for market data, risk and portfolio analysis, and what-if modeling for financial, energy and resource firms such as BHP, Cantor and Cinergy. “Oculus revealed more risk than we were aware of.” -VP Risk

Oculus Story Wall

Story Wall is an interactive touch based display for financial data with automated step-by-step sequencing through analyst insights or insights automatically derived from market data.

Oculus Excel Visualizer

Excel Visualizer is a software framework for 3D visualization of large Excel spreadsheets with an easy, intuitive interface. Data can be any spreadsheet such as pricing models, pre and post trade analytics.