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Fara Aileen Blanco
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NtInsight for Liquidity Risk

NtInsight® for Liquidity Risk is a comprehensive solution that identifies and manages liquidity vulnerabilities, promotes regulatory compliance through the support of standards such as the Basel III funding liquidity requirements LCR and NSFR, and provides in-depth analytic and reporting tools.

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NtInsight for ALM

NtInsight® for ALM handles massive and complicated financial simulation without oversimplified approximations. It provides commercial banks and insurance firms an integrated balance sheet management environment to monitor, analyse, & manage liquidity risk, interest rate risk, & earnings-at-risk.

NtInsight for Credit Risk

NtInsight® for Credit Risk is a software for credit VaR and Basel capital ratio calculation that can be applied to ICAAP. Capable of calculating large transactions at high-speed Monte Carlo simulation, it has received high approval from major banks and insurance companies in Japan since its release.

NtInsight for Market Risk

NtInsight® for Market Risk is an advanced risk management software that contains various functions including the innovative 1 million Monte Carlo simulation, historical simulation, and parametric VaR computation. It supports both normal and non-normal (skewed and leptokurtic) distributions of VaR.