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Nex Rubica / United Kingdom Head Office

72 New Bond Street


+44 77253 69932


Martin Orji
[email protected]

Nex Rubica Investments

Nex Rubica will work closely with Central Banks, the World Bank, Capital Market Authorities and major Financial Institutions in Africa. Providing Origination, Structuring, Risk Solutions and Trade Finance services. Our Emerging Markets focus remains sevicing the trade and investment into Africa.

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Nex Rubica - Risk Management Solutions

Market, Credit and Operational Risk Management Policy and Implementation. Enterprisewide Risk Management and Control of FX, Interst Rates and Credit Expsoure for Banks and Corporates. Investment Banking and Retail Banking Risk Control Services.

NR Indexes - Benchmark & Bespoke Services

NR Indexes & Ratings delivers Benchmark Index Solutions. We also provide ongoing support and consulting to Institutions looking to develop Bespoke Alternative Investment Management solutions like Exchange Traded Funds, Capped Funds and other listed Derivatives for their Africa focused Investors.

NR Ratings - Default & Risk Solutions

NR Indexes & Ratings provides risk info on major corporates across Africa. The NR Ratings team produces Default Reports with accompanying risk fstats for the Issuer. Our assessment on corporate credit liquidity, reflects earning quality and capital market infrastructure changes which impact risks.