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eSentire (European Headquarters) Office

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Stefano Perciballi
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Network Interceptor

At the core of Active Threat Protection is Network Interceptor from eSentire. Network Interceptor is a proprietary network appliance delivered as a continuous managed service. Core capabilities include real-time deep-packet inspection, human assisted machine learning, behavior-based anomaly detection, signature-based intrusion detection and prevention, and analyst communications completely tailored to your specific business context and policies. Once an active threat incident is detected, Network Interceptor provides eSentire’s core containment capability for ingressing/egressing traffic. Highly skilled threat analysts perform active forensics, identifying and escalating unique threats in real-time, always.

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Active Threat Protection Platform by assenter

As the cyber landscape continues to shift and diversify at a staggering pace, the threat of a breach is a reality for companies of all sizes across industries. To combat today’s advanced targeted attacks and persistent threats, you need a proven, best in class approach. Validated as a best practice by leading industry analysts, Active …

Regulatory Examination Readiness Service

eSentire’s leadership position in the financial services market provides a unique perspective on how to detect and mitigate attacks that specifically target registered investment advisors, broker dealers, private equity firms and traditional asset management organizations. The Regulatory Examination Readiness Service will walk you through critical preparatory materials, helping you navigate the SEC/FINRA/OSFI/FCA’s examination process.

Advisory Services

Today’s threat landscape requires constant vigilance to monitor network traffic for signs of an attack. While at the same time, your information security program must leverage industry best practices so you can stay ahead of evolving compliance demands and regulatory obligations. Most mid-sized enterprises simply aren’t equipped to manage mounting regulatory pressures and cybersecurity legislation. …