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NetReveal Unauthorised Trading

BAE Systems NetReveal Unauthorised Trading identifies risks from seemingly unrelated data and relationships, creating a single integrated view of traders, portfolios, counterparties, and other entities across disparate systems and groups. With NetReveal Unauthorised Trading solution, financial institutions can:

  • Reduce operational losses – Uncover risk and exposure through a combination of sophisticated statistical pattern-matching, peer group analysis, and social network analysis with rule-based control indicators as well as machine learning
  • Identify known suspicious patterns, such as inappropriately timed trade bookings, escalating frequency of control exceptions, suspicious P&L, and off-market pricing, as well as unknown patterns such as peer group outliers and anomalies
  • Halt illicit trading early – Gain a holistic view of risk,evaluating every individual trader, desk, book or other business entity across functions and over time to quickly spot deviations from normal behaviour. Improves time-to-detection, enabling quicker response to escalating risk before major losses and reputational damage
  • Minimise reputational and compliance risk – Demonstrate robust oversight and transparency with Key Risk Indicators (KRI) to separate unusual from high-risk behaviour
  • Speed investigation and resolution – Simplify incident response by empowering analysts with intelligent risk prioritisation, intuitive trade research and exploration tools and detailed reporting capabilities. Works across geographic boundaries and regulatory jurisdictions.

BAE Systems proved that the solution would have uncovered a rogue trading incident six months prior to actual discovery for a global investment bank

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