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Diane Sivertsen
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NBBO Options Analysis

Analysis of all daily Options market data quotes to create comparisons of every market centers quotes against the prevailing NBBO price and size. Includes percentage of time each venue was quoting at the NBBO, either alone or with another venue and percentage of bid/offer size displayed.

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Equities or Options T+1 Expections Report

Available after midnight of trade date for Equities (US & EU) and Options (US) order flow. Highlights market, marketable limit and limit orders not executed favorably against EBBO or NBBO. Indentify and recieve exceptions with market data detail to accelerate research and limit market exposure.

US or EU Market Center Competitive Analysis

Market share analysis of all exchanges, ETF’s, ATF’s against the BBO for evaluating your firms competitiveness. Includes “TAG Industry Averages” benchmark, symbol-by-symbol or aggregrate, BBO print and size analysis, historical graphs and market center trends.


Trade execution analysis segmented into trade, order, symbol, trader, on index/aggregate levels. Evaluate block, high-dollar value and not-held orders for execution transparency. Measurements include market impact, VWAP, liquidity enhancement, timeliness, fill rates, and TAG proprietary benchmarks.