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MX.3 for Trading

MX.3 for Trading helps our clients evolve and succeed in this changing landscape. It provides market-leading functionality for each of your business lines, for both sales and trading, with comprehensive coverage from risk-based pricing and structuring to real-time portfolio management and P&L analysis.

Our solution offers the most complete product mix in the industry with more than 350 payoffs, along with the flexibility to create new products. It allows our clients to respond rapidly to market opportunities, supporting complex legacy books when required. It also enables electronic distribution and connectivity functionality to support trading execution and clearing.

Our Trading solution provides advanced front-office analytics, with native integration of trading and risk measures giving you a consolidated view of risks and assets in real time. This means you can make trading decisions informed by real-time risk data to optimize capital usage and risk charges, and help increase your profitability and transparency at all stages along the value chain.

Recognized as one of the leading front-office solutions across asset classes and business lines, MX.3 for Trading gives users the necessary tools to transform their front-office business processes and to stay competitive in a changing financial ecosystem.

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MX.3 Overview

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MX.3 for Treasury

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