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Rob Lacey
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Multiple Data Feeds

We can feed multiple trading data feeds and sources of liquidity down a single pipe of connectivity. Data feeds can be separated within secure VLANs with VLAN-specific bandwidth management and QoS capabilities. Each data feed service is presented on physically different ports.

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Financial Markets - Service Creation Platform

Exponential-e’s Financial offering covers a range of services. Some of the key benefits include: 1. Ultra-low latency – Time-lag between requesting & receiving information is critical in trading environments the FX-SCP is designed for speed. 2. Multiple trading data feeds & sources of liquidity- Single pipe of connectivity with VLAN-specific bandwidth management and QoS capabilities. …

Proximity Hosting

Exponential-e is a member of the Equinix Financial eXchange Community. The Equinix Financial eXchange is a community of common interest. It consists of capital market participants such as execution venues, buy and sell-side firms, market data providers, and network service providers. Exponential-e provides connectivity to Equinix centres in London, Frankfurt and Chicago.

Business Continuity

Fully replicated disaster-recovery back-up supported by low-latency next-generation networking enables your business to run smoothly even in the event of a local outage. Our unique network design – based on VPLS – provides a simple and ubiquitous service interface extending your virtualised server environment throughout the WAN.