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Morningstar Solvency II Data Solutions for Insurers

The Solvency II regulation calls for all insurance companies with operations in Europe to report all their assets on a quarterly and annual basis. They are asked to either drill down to underlying holdings or pay a solvency premium for holding their capital in non-transparent assets. Morningstar database can add the look-through transparency to fund positions required due to our longstanding mission of collecting full holdings data. As the regulation calls for high quality data, choosing a partner that has the history and global quality standards of Morningstar is pivotal to meeting the requirements of this regulation.
Our core competency is taking in raw investment data and by mapping it to our unique master list database, adding calculations and delivering data via our proprietary delivery mechanisms – we are able to offer you a streamlined solution that meets your needs for Solvency II.




Full Holdings
Morningstar has been acquiring full holdings on funds for 25 years. In this time we have built a leading capability around the processing of data and have a highly automated and globally structured management collection process. This ensures that data is processed in a timely manner to a very high quality standard. Today we process full holdings information on all legal types globally using the same processes ensuring the same comparable data across the full range. This ability progresses from single funds to fund of fund portfolios.
Furthermore we have access to over 4.5 million historical portfolios that can be delivered for research purposes.
Our full holdings are available through Morningstar On Demand, our proprietary delivery mechanism, which is based on Webservices and the data is delivered in XML. On Demand is available 24/7 and a notification system will allow your systems to know when new data has been made available. We can facilitate tailored formats and distribute the data via most known media.
Full Holdings data can be combined with:-
  • Morningstar Mapping Service
  • CIC & NACE Mapping
  • 3rd Party Data
Master Mapping Services
We have the capability of mapping any type of portfolio or list of investments utilising our proprietary system that we use for fund holding identification. The system is highly automated and built on our strong validation procedures utilising our global structure and capabilities. We take in portfolios from our clients and pass them through our system and review the results and then validate what hasn’t been processed automatically. For Solvency II this could be used for mapping the investments on the balance sheet, either as the starting point of the reporting process or as a validation.
Master Mapping Services can be combined with:
  • CIC & NACE Mapping
  • 3rd Party Data
Additional and 3rd Party Data
Morningstar has a vast set of data types, including real-time pricing data, global economic databases, commodity trading data and a number of fundamental equity databases. Additionally Morningstar partners with a number of leading global data vendors to ensure we can offer a complete solution for our clients. Today we are partnered with over 40 different data vendors within various capacities and there is no exception when it comes to what we aim to do for Solvency II.
The available databases are:
  • LIM – A Morningstar company focusing on commodity data
  • Morningstar Real-time – Real-time pricing feeds
  • Morningstar Economics Data –Economic time series
  • EDI – A global vendor for bond data
We are developing agreements with:
  • A global provider of derivatives data
  • Major providers of bond ratings
Additional data and 3rd Party Data can be combined with:
  • Master Mapping Services
  • On Demand, Full Holdings
  • Morningstar Reference API
CIC & NACE Mapping
Morningstar can offer a complete mapping to both the CIC as well as the NACE standard. We have mapped all the securities in our global master list which consists of over 9 million investments. Our master list is constantly growing and we are committed to developing mappings as new unknown instruments come in to our systems. We utilise our global network of analysts to ensure the mappings are of the highest quality.
CIC & NACE mappings are made available via:
  • Master Mapping Services
  • On Demand, Full Holdings, Master Lists
  • Morningstar Reference API

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