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Zafin is transforming the way banks manage products, pricing and billing across the entire client relationship. Our flexible software suite, miRevenue, has been designed at every step with a complete focus on enabling banks to deliver sustainable revenue enhancement to their targeted business needs. miRevenue has been delivering product and pricing innovations for clients since 2005.
miRevenue is the first complete Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management (PPLM) platform, delivering a “start-to-finish” view of the way banks bring products to market quickly and easily with a focus on revenue enhancement. In practice, PPLM is all about transparency, shedding light on an otherwise opaque process – the entire product and pricing lifecycle. At Zafin, we look at PPLM as a continuous journey, streamlining bank processes from price quotes and contract management to onboarding, implementation and billing.
With PPLM, banks finally have an enterprise-wide strategic framework they can use to narrow in on the underlying driver of revenue enhancement: happy, profitable customers. PPLM is really about harnessing the power within a bank’s data and making it usable, reportable and beneficial. To this end, PPLM represents a tangible opportunity for a bank to create a competitive advantage for itself.
Product overview
miRevenue is comprised of six flexible modules, each of which can be deployed independently or work in concert with others. Collectively, miRevenue’s modules represent a holistic product management control panel that integrates seamlessly with core systems and other data feeds to support complete Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management.

 acts as a central product repository – a “single point of truth” for features, standard pricing and exception pricing – to support a more holistic, needs-based sales paradigm.
miPricing is a comprehensive, rules-based relationship pricing engine. As a flexible, full-service pricing tool for standard and exception-based pricing, miPricing can receive any data input and produce outputs that enable pricing models based on the entire client relationship.
miEarnings delivers “what if?” simulation and reporting capabilities. With miEarnings, Product Managers can proactively test the impact of new product pricing strategies on segment revenues, costs and profitability prior to launch.
miOffering streamlines offer management by providing the ability to create new pricing proposals and offers for clients. With miOffering, Relationship Managers can simulate pricing models and analyze the profitability of new offers prior to extending them to clients.
miLoyalty provides a single platform to enable end-to-end enterprise loyalty. Relationship Managers can roll out reward, benefits and loyalty programs, creating compelling offers to attract and retain clients. miLoyalty is used to incentivize desired behaviour and encourage growth in wallet share.
miBilling provides banks with the ability to customize and automate client invoicing and billing. With miBilling’s flexibility on billing cycles, presentment and other options by product, client and segment, you can set your invoice cycles to suit the situation.

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The miRevenue Solutions Suite enables dynamic relationship pricing, configurable billing, loyalty management and revenue management functionality. These features allow clients to find revenue leakage, create new products, and test potential changes against historical data.