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Rahul Khanna
[email protected]


Maverick is our latest technical analysis software as a service product. Deployed as a light footprint, web-delivered java application, Maverick embodies all the traditions of the 404, but with improved accessibility and minimal deployment issues.

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Crypto Data API

Aggregated Data feed from Crypto Exchanges that updates in real-time. Includes tick prices and trade data for over 50+ cryptocurrencies.


TraderMade404 offers real-time and historical market data, proprietary analytics and technical analysis.

InterpreTA - Tradermade's new market commentary service

InterpreTA is our critical information service for all FX traders, fund managers and FX sales professionals. InterpreTA’s vastly experienced FX technical analysts provide frequently updated FX markets technical analysis reports – including a regular flow of directional and target calls. InterpreTA’s accurate and timely intra-day market analysis is invaluable for trading strategy formulation, pre-trade decision …