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Matrix Digital Banking Platform

Matrix Mid

Matrix Mid offers functionalities that are essential for any modern financial services operation, independent of client segments, products and services. This is achieved by providing one solution that contains several modules: BPM engine, CRM for client data management, Communication, Document Management, Customer Financial Management, security, and an API and integration layer to connect to various front-ends, back-ends and 3rd party solutions. Matrix enables open API Banking, helps financials with regulatory requirements like PSD2 and GDPR, and fully unlocks the potential of the fintech ecosystem.

Matrix Mid is the center for all customer related data and it’s imperative that all customer related financial data is stored within the Matrix database. A lot of financial data is related to the customer and is therefore stored within the Matrix financial data warehouse. This data provides insight into the financial situation. In most cases all products offered to clients go first through the onboarding processes of Matrix Mid before being opened in the back-office systems using the Matrix Integration Layer.

Matrix Mid integrates with Microsoft’s Reporting suite or an external reporting system for producing business reporting and client statements. It enables the users to run statements and queries on the database using pre-defined reports and present them in any form (on screen, email or push notification) or file type (PDF, Word, Excel, csv).

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Matrix Accounts
Matrix Accounts provides the core functionalities of a back office for running financial products such as current accounts, loans and savings accounts. The main differentiator with other legacy back office systems is the flexibility and ease of configuration of products. The system is designed for multi-currenc and multi-zone and multi-tenant use, which allows endless possibilities in implementation and a broad range of possible product types.

The heart of Matrix Accounts is the product builder that simplifies and streamlines the creation of highly customizable products. Flexibility and agility are achieved by providing the user with many configurable components which are combined to create products. The product builder is used to define products allowing the user to assign features (Cash Account, Loan, Term Contract, and FX contracts), and configure other attributes such as the currency of the account. Since the defined products are set up using schemes and features, they can easily be reused and adapted to create new products on the fly.

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