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QTX Systems Head Office

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Michael Petersohn
[email protected]

Market Place Lending

QTXSystems P2P platform gives Asset Managers, Custodians, Fund Administrators and other market participants a level of granularity in monitoring and managing Peer to Peer loan portfolios that has only been available in traditional financial instruments until now.
Professionals who wish to generate on demand reporting by loan, seasoning, grade, duration, NPV, and any other credit attribute across multiple origination platforms now have the ability to do so in a cost effective, turnkey solution. QTX currently aggregates five of the leading lending platforms and can easily expand this offering as per client need.

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Cloud based financial services (Risk, Analytics, Execution)

Full support for asset management, FX, Credit, FI, EQ, F&OF. Ticker reference management,real time price feeds, charting,blotters, P&L, reporting, APIs. Integrated financial analytics (ours/yours), dynamic reporting, scalable infrastructure, pay as you go, bespoke solutions and consulting services.

Broker Management

Integration of the entire life-cycle of a trade onto one unified multi-asset platform. Encompassing trade capture, confirmations, reporting and performance analysis. Full EMS/OMS.


Curve Construction: Discount/Forward/Funding/Collateral/Credit/FX Curves Interest Rate Products: Fix/Float and Float/Float Swaps and variants (Amortizing/Accruing, Constant Maturity, Step Up/Step Down, In Arrears/In Advance etc.), Forward Swaps, Overnight Products – OIS, FF/EONIA, Futures, Overnight Swap Futures FX – Forex Futures/Swaps, Cross Currency Swaps, Quanto Products Bonds: Treasury/Govvie, EM Sovereign, Corporate, and Inflation Linker Options:Black Scholes. Stochastic Volatility …