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Market Data Management Outsourcing

Using its market-leading FITS platform, TRG can provide a managed service to cover such operations as: •Inventory and cost administration •Management and vendor reporting •Invoice reconciliation •Contract management •And more…

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screen events

Screen Markets is recognized for bringing together user and vendor communities in major financial centres. The Screen Events offer a further way to understand and stay ahead of the market. One-day exhibitions act as a place to meet vendors in a single place – as well as an opportunity for networking

Financial Information Tracking System (FITS)

The Roberts Group’s Financial Information Tracking System, or FITS, is the industry’s most comprehensive market data inventory management SaaS solution. FITS is the perfect tool to manage down costs and identify potential savings across an organization.

INFOmatch - leading market data management system

INFOmatch is a leading market data management solution. The system contains essential tools such as the Bloomberg Firm-Wide SID Reader and the Reuters DACS interface and supports cost allocation, contract administration, invoice reconciliation, permissioning and management reporting.