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Paul R Graham
[email protected]


m2Data provides a generic bridge mechanism for translating external feeds from Custodians, Banks, Market Information providers and in-house systems into a common XML message schema designed for a very wide range of investment related transactions and supporting data. eg UBS Telekurs ETrade Pershing

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m2Advisor is a high function desktop app for Advisors and their Assistants to: • Manage the relationship with clients using new media • Handle more clients professionally with less effort • Provide full Portfolio Management facilities • Produce advanced reporting including Return Performance measurement


m2Mobile provides access to M2 portfolios from mobile devices (iPhone, Android etc). This app is an important component of the collaboration tool-set that M2 provides to facilitate communications between Advisors and their Investor clients along with alert facilities for Investors ‘on-the-go’.


m2Web is q white-labelled web-site which the Investor Client can log into at any time to access their portfolios, their statements, performance, income, watchlists and alerts, in fact nearly everything that an Advisor can already see. Links automatically to major Custodians and Back-office systems.