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AxiomSL’s dynamic data-lineage technology can be compared to a GPS that tracks the “data route” from the source to the final destination while collecting critical information and analytics that streamline and optimize the FI’s processes along the way.

AxiomSL’s data-lineage GPS captures and documents data flows, data transformations, critical data elements and business logic from the point of data entry to the final regulatory or internal management report. The intelligence it gathers yields business value and faster time to market, and delivers the most “reliable and trusted route” to get to the targeted destination confidently and in a timely fashion.

Executives are thinking strategically about their data, especially when initiatives such as BCBS 239 have made data lineage a top concern. Regulators are asking for more information on a granular level on a timely basis from quarterly to weekly and in some cases daily.

Tactical approaches and manual processes used to capture lineage and even document it in Excel are not sustainable and create operational inefficiencies. Automation also frees up highly skilled analysts who can perform data analysis rather than preparing reports or solving reconciliation issues. The cornerstone of data governance begins with data lineage, and high data integrity enables FIs to enhance their decision process and drive business growth.

AxiomSL’s Data Tracer allows users to track the data flow of financial instruments from the initial source to the final report. This is a game changer because users can now see all the different reports that reflect their positions in one place.  


  • Automated out-of-the-box dynamic data lineage for reporting solutions, and associated drill-down and traceability, documentation and filtering capabilities.
  • A Data Tracer module that enables users to track the data flow of financial instruments from the initial source to final report. Data Tracer is a game changer because users can now see in one place all the different reports that reflect their positions. It also ensures reports are reconciled and complete.
  • Visualization capabilities addressing business and technology needs.
  • Outputs include graphical, narrative (PDF), XML formats and others, allowing users to design their specific requests/purposes.
  • The ability for users to respond quickly to inquiries related to numbers in the regulatory reports, freeing up highly skilled analysts who can perform data analysis instead of preparing reports.
  • Critical data elements that can be identified and data quality checks that can be instituted across the firm as part of the data governance strategy.
  • A key tool for internal auditors to support FIs’ needs regarding data flows, change management and documentation.
  • The capability to track data from a bottom-up perspective, or from the top down
  • starting with the end-product report and examining the business logic.

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