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Latilla’s C4i – identify, assess and manage operational risk

Latilla provides operational risk management software and consulting services to organizations worldwide. We help organizations identify and classify risks and KPIs, perform self-assessments, capture loss event data and improve operational risk controls.

C4i Operational Risk Management Suite
Regardless of your industry, fraud, business disruption, system failure, regulatory changes, disparate systems and human errors are just a few risks that can affect your business at any time. Institutions are faced with the challenge of using disparate data sources more efficiently to improve control, increase efficiency, and lower the costs of their operations. Access to consolidated accurate data is key to the management and control of processes, reduction of operational risk, decreased costs, and enhanced customer service. The recent financial crisis and spate of natural disasters have highlighted the need for stronger controls and greater transparency into an organization’s operational risk activities. The ability to identify, assess, manage and control risk is imperative to the smooth running of any enterprise.

Operational risk management must be a pre-emptive, not a reactive process: it’s irresponsible to wait for problems to occur before finding ways of preventing them from happening again. It must be a continual process that improves the ability to identify operational risks, classify and measure those risks, assign responsibilities, implement controls, assess compliance with policies and procedures, and communicate results. We have pioneered a powerful suite of management tools that capture, classify, control and communicate operational risk information:

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C4i Entrada

Assessing risk associated with physical locations is key to accurate underwriting and pricing of property insurance. Inaccurate or incomplete data results in costly manual intervention. C4i Entrada automates this manual process, cleanses the data, improves productivity and provides accurate results.