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KYCsphere: Cloud Based Sanction Lists Screening & PEP Search

Screen against OFAC SDN, UN 1267 and over 150 global & regional sanction/watch/embargo lists under Customer Identification Program (CIP). Search PEPs, Terrorism Financiers, Fraudsters, and Financial Criminals to uncover cases of bribery, corruption, money laundering, and other suspicious activities.

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KYCsphere: Cloud Based KYC, AML & CTF SaaS Application + API

KYCsphere Toolkit helps an institution to cost effectively manage and keep a tight control on KYC+AML+CTF processes including Customer On-boarding, Sanction Lists Screening, Politically Exposed Persons Search, ID Verification, Risk Management, EDD, Fraud, AML, Case Management & Regulatory Reporting.

KYCsphere: Cloud Based Risk Rated CDD, EDD & Case Management

Conduct process driven Enhanced Customer Due Diligence as per jurisdiction, line of business & customer’s risk rating. Conduct Case Investigation of suspicious activities involving fraud, money laundering, crime & terrorism financing, based on institution wide investigation & authorization workflow.

KYCsphere: Cloud Based Compliance Risk Rating & Management

Assess compliance risks by implementing Risk Based Approach (RBA) as per FATF’s # 1 revised recommendation. Enhance Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, through risk rating of customer profiles; products/services subscribed; countries they reside & operate in; types of transactions performed by them.