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Corina Butnaru
[email protected]


The software solution is designed to help companies that are required to collect and evaluate KYC data, by providing tools to automate the collection, continuous update, and assessment of information related to their clients and track business ethics online & in real-time which saves time and money.

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To stay employable in the future, people need to constantly upskill themselves and work on their career development.KYCOS developed a real-time AR-learning tool that simplifies the training process and provides curated learning paths to help professionals gain new skills and improve their knowledge.

KYCOS - KYC as a Service

KYCOS provides regulatory compliance solutions, risk management, monitoring and audit “as-a-service” for global financial institutions through enabling innovative technology that allows companies to better manage their compliance obligations related to KYC, AML/CFT, Bribery, and Fraud risks.