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EMEA Head Office Head Office

Brian Conlon House, 3 Canal Quay,
Newry, Co. Down
BT35 6BP
N. Ireland

KX London Office

5th Floor, Cannon Green Building, 27 Bush Lane,

Dublin Office Office

6th Floor, Block A, 1 George's Quay Plaza,
Dublin 2
D02 Y098
Rep. of Ireland

New York Office Office

45 Broadway,
New York
NY 10006

Canadian Office Office

31 Lakeshore Road East Suite 201
L5G 4V5 Canada


+44 2830252242


Aislinn Murphy
[email protected]

KX Insights ™

Cloud-First, Real-time Streaming Analytics Platform

Cloud-native development and delivery of powerful real-time insights on streaming and historical data with unlimited scalability and zero maintenance

KX InsightsTM is a cloud-native platform for critical real-time performance and continuous actionable intelligence. Using complex event processing, high-speed analytics and machine learning interfaces, it enables fast decision-making and automated responses to events in fractions of a second.

KX InsightsTM uses a microservices-based architecture for capturing, storing and processing high-volume, high-velocity data using cloud standards, services, and protocols. Tapping the power of cloud-native technologies like serverless deployments, Docker and Kubernetes, it enables developers to focus on business functionality rather than worrying about hardware infrastructure and deployment environments.

Quick to deploy and easy to operate across all cloud environments, public and private, KX Insights enables you to put those benefits into action, now.

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KX Analyst

KX Analyst allows you to manipulate massive datasets, without programming, using an intuitive point-and-click interface. Incorporate flexible spreadsheets to perform simple or complex analytical computations in real time, with full scripting support. Data analysts and scientists can effortlessly load, transform, query, and visualize massive datasets in near real-time in a development environment that offers tools …

KX Streaming Analytics

Enterprise streaming analytics for self-managed deployments KX Streaming Analytics provides the ability to ingest, store, process, and analyze historic and time series data to make analytics, insights, and visualizations instantly available. To help ensure your applications and users are productive quickly, the platform provides the full lifecycle of data services, including query processing, tiering, migration, …