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KnowCo Asset Liability Management (ALM) System

The KnowCo Asset and Liability Management (K-ALM) system answers the following questions and more: Which of my businesses are making/losing money over time in this scenario? How much Capital will I need in x years’ time? What effect would margin compression have on my Net Income and Capital? What is the effect on Liquidity, Capital and Earnings if I introduce this new product (or deal)? What transfer price should I apply to my new product? K-ALM components include: a Stress Testing engine, Funds Transfer Pricing, Balance Sheet Risk Management monitoring and reporting, and additional MI.

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KnowCo Liquidity, Credit Risk & Interest Rate Stress Testing

KnowCo Stress Testing (KST) application is designed to support Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk Capital and Interest rate risk stress testing, and business planning. It facilitates the efficient creation, storage, visualisation and maintenance of stress scenarios and outputs across the institution.

KnowCo Funds Transfer Pricing Application

KnowCo Funds Transfer Pricing application (‘KFTP’) supports financial institutions in actively manage the firm’s liquidity risk profile and pricing liquidity risk in a manner compliant with internationally-recognised good practice including specific FSA requirements.

KnowCo IFRS 9 solution

KnowCo’s solution for IFRS 9 responds to all requirements of the Standard, from governance, classification and measurement of assets, liabilities and off-balance sheet exposures, to impairments and reporting. It applies the business rules that determine exposure classification and measurement, impairment and reporting values. These are calculated using expected default parameters for each period, and then …