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SaaS and Managed Service from the awarded market leader

Spirit of the PRIIP Regulation - Transparency for retail investors needs to be increased specially with regards to costs, chances and risks.

The aim is to make all product types comparable by means of a uniform document.
KID should be “accurate, fair, clear and not misleading“.

In order to keep your customer business successful despite complex innovations, we accompany you professionally, technically and always personally.

Capmatix combined with LPA KID Calc service serves as a powerful KID one-stop-shop solution.

We have built 5 elements into our KID Calc service that will create a proprietary solution for KIDs for PRIIPs results:

One-product-mask for structured investment products

Easily structure payoffs of SRPs in one product mask and thereby be able to reduce time-to-market.

Restriking for OTC derivatives

Before calculation PRIIP numbers for OTC we price OTCs in order to keep costs constant.

Structuring service

We build up a structuring and optimization service to create products given PRIIP results such as SRIs.

Ad-hoc calculations

One-click initiation of PRIIP calculations.

Regulatory expertise

Our experts are a part of EUSIPA and are always one step ahead in implementing new regulatory requirements.

Our LPA KID‘s team is active in industry and regulatory initiatives:

  • EUSIPA PRIIPs TWG (Technical Working Group)
  • UK SPA PRIIPs work group
  • SSDA (Swedish Securities Dealers Association) PRIIPs work group
  • AFPDB (Association Français des Produits d’Investisserment de Détail et de Bourse) PRIIPs work group
  • FinDatEx EPT work group
  • Meeting the ESAs (European Supervisory Authorities) workgroups on amendments to PRIIPs

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