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kACE² The Analytics Platform

The Analytics Platform

One product - Many solutions.

The cost of maintaining multiple analytical systems, combined with the complexities of integration, provides a strong business case for one analytics production environment right across the enterprise.  

kACE2 The Analytics Platform

kACE2 is an analytics production platform for use across the enterprise.   It is designed to create an integrated solution to replace the diverse applications and calculation methodologies that crowd the typical financial institution.   Using one common framework, its powerful and robust analytics production environment allows technical and non-technical professionals in various business roles and units to combine their knowledge and expertise to roll-out leading-edge pricing solutions.  

It delivers flexibility with reduced complexity - thus satisfying both the needs of the business units and the IT department. 

Perhaps kACE2's greatest strength is that of scale. In order to build the most complex pricing solutions, you need three things: the ability to combine expertise in the modeling process; the ability to integrate with other core systems; and speed-to-market.  kACE2 delivers these.
What's more, you can directly link and integrate other systems such as your online trading system, back office and other core systems with kACE2.


  • Superior functionality on a single platform
  • Ready-to-use pricing solutions
  • Bespoke model development
  • Fast entry into new markets
  • Flexible links to pricing and analytics libraries
  • Data sharing across traded products
  • All asset classes covered
  • Scalable architecture
  • Role-based security
  • Vertical integration
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • High-performance
  • Spreadsheet integration
  • Complete transparency
  • One system to maintain

The kACE2 experience starts by users interacting with the kACE2 platform through the collaborative analytics and model database. 

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