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JC Applications Development Ltd Head Office

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Helen Brockway
[email protected]

JCAD LACHS – Claims Handling Solution

JCAD LACHS is a complete solution for claims management that ensures a busy claims handling department is functionally efficient whilst providing the best client service and reducing operational costs. Data can be migrated from a variety of legacy systems such as ZM’s QLAS and Aon’s Omega.

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JCAD RISK - Enterprise Risk Management Software

JCAD RISK provides a comprehensive and intuitive risk management solution. The easy to use, web based application offers extensive customisation of screens, terminology and setup. JCAD RISK software allows an organisation to intuitively manage their risks which can be linked to corporate objectives.

JCAD Action Tracker

The JCAD Action Tracker provides a central repository for all actions, activities, reports and recommendations that can be accessed by everyone in the organisation. Supporting documentation can be recorded against the appropriate action ensuring that all information is stored in one place.