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René Lemme
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High-performance Derivative Trading with more than 150,000 instruments

The system combines the evaluation, quoting, and trade of derivatives on electronic markets and information platforms. Exchanges and message services such as Xetra, Thomson Reuters, and Eurex provide real-time data, which serves as the basis for price calculation. The openness of the valantic system allows easy integration into the existing system environment. In addition to external pricing systems, bank-internal applications can also be used as a source of real-time data and securities master data. Intelligent automated features provide speed advantages and minimize risks. The individually-configurable client interface gives the trader the best possible overview when pricing and quoting. Various control tools and add-on functions guarantee quick, secure, and individual action on the markets. iQderivatives offers flexibility and scalability and can always fulfill demands for product variety and performance.

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iQbonds is valantic’s high-performance solution for electronic bond trading. Market making, bond pricing as well as the connection to electronic markets, exchanges and data platforms (e.g. Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Eurex, MTS) are integrated into one application. iQbonds performs constant calculations of bond prices and yields while simultaneously providing access to various electronic markets where instruments can …

Real Time Payment Engine

Central Processing of Various Payment Types The payment industry is in a process of dramatic changes. New regulation initiatives, such as PSD2 and instant payments, require wide-ranging changes in the payment processing and lead to respective consequences for the existing IT systems. Financial institutions extend their product and service portfolio with additional digital services and are …

FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions

Efficient receivables management for correspondent banks Banks charge their correspondent banks fees for the settlement of payments which are mostly not yet processed automatically (STP). Likewise, fees accrue for the processing of OUR payments whose settlement is also not standardised so far. Thanks to FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions, these non-standardised processes can very efficiently be …