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iProov ID Matcher

ID Matcher from iProov provides a fast, effortless and highly secure remote identity check to support automated digital KYC onboarding. A one-time face biometric is used to verify that the user matches the image from a trusted source (Photo ID or a centralised database), that the user is  genuinely present during enrolment and the authentication is taking place in real time.

iProov protects against presentation attacks (artefacts which are presented to the device sensors), as well as replay and injection attacks (attacks that are injected in the sensors).

Successful large scale deployment of strong face authentication delivering:

  • High completion rate: fast and accurate authentication enabling businesses to deliver products and services faster than before. iProov users can complete the biometric identity authentication in 1.1 attempt versus competitor’s users who require 2.4 attempts. iProov has been designed to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from secure authentication. Accessibility features address visual, auditory, cognitive and mobility impairments.

  • Delight customers and improve Net Promoter Score: Enable customers to remotely and securely prove who they are, ID Matcher is effortless to use, while taking the user through a ceremony that provides reassurance. Usability and accessibility are at the heart of iProov, the interface has been purposely built to be uncomplicated for users and universally accessible with no additional burden on users to prove liveness. 

  • National security grade spoof attack detection: patented Flashmark technology uses controlled illumination to detect and mitigate against presentation attacks, including highly sophisticated replicas and replays. iProov solutions are deployed by customers who require the utmost security and scalability.

  • High level of assurance: delivers outstanding success at verifying a customer’s identity against low quality or aged photo ID regardless of the source-such as government-approved documents including passports, driving licences, national ID cards or against a centralised database. 

  • Device agnostic, server based solution: iProov works on any device with a front facing camera (including older smartphones). iProov is a server based solution that does not rely on the device for security. Therefore, the user is protected against compromised devices, networks and sensors.


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