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IoT: Internet of Things Security

As the number of IoT devices that are connected in the realm of cyber space exceeds the global population in 2017, consumers and vulnerabilities in Internet of Things are spread across different verticals.

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Fintech Security, blockchain Security, Application Security

Application Security, Fintech Security, Blockchain Security, Cloud penetration testing, Code reviews, IoT security, Mobile app security, Penetration testing, DevSecOps, Web app security.

Security Code reviews

Code review is probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security flaws. When used together with automated tools and manual penetration testing, code review can significantly increase the cost effectiveness of an application security verification effort.

Cloud Penetration testing

Many organizations think Cloud Security is Cloud Provider’s responsibility. It’s the cloud provider’s responsibility to secure the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud. But it’s your responsibility to ensure you secure anything that you put on the Cloud.