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Intellect Retail Banking Exchange

Intellect Retail Banking eXchange (RBX) is a powerful Omnichannel App based retail banking solution, helping banks deliver digital strategy across devices. It is customer centric platform that addresses the specific needs of each customer through personalized banking experience thereby ensuring same experience at all touch points.

Our View

The uninhibited proliferation of digital banking

With banking customers growing increasingly comfortable with the digital lifestyle, their expectations from financial service providers have undergone a significant transformation. They fully understand the power of technology and seek to leverage it to enjoy better control over their banking operations. Foremost on their list of demands is an easier and faster means of conducting banking transactions, supported by a unified real time view of their banking relationships.

In search of growth opportunities, many banks are focusing on deepening their share of wallet with existing customers. In all regions banks have started focusing on Reinventing Banking, Restoring Trust, and Deepening Customer Relationships and Improving Operational efficiency.

What banks need today is a new-generation electronic banking solution built on open architecture, with robust security features that provide true relationship banking functionality. The need of the hour is for the solution to meet not just current business requirements but also be scalable and flexible to meet the changing demands of the retail customer.

The goal is to make customers feel that their banking needs are being well looked after—to become, in a nutshell, more “customer centric.”

Blurb: Banks need today a new-generation electronic banking solution

Our offering

Intellect RBX is a customer-centric platform ensuring constancy across all touch points

Intellect Retail Mobile Banking Exchange (RBX) is a comprehensive, futuristic app-based front-end OMNI Channel solution that will enable banks to simplify channel banking and fuel their Principal Bank aspirations driving higher customer engagement with seamless integration across channels.

RBX Omni channel solution is an app based channel banking platform for the retail users. It is built on new generation technology and provides high level of configuration flexibility for customization with the ability to work with any channel solution across platform.

RBX Omni channel solution is based on CORA framework i.e. Configure Once, Run Anywhere , acts as  an integrated Omni-channel delivery solution for banks, providing consistent banking experience across desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Built on industry-standard platforms (J2EE), the solution is inherently platform-independent with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the bank’s backend processes.

Key Differentiators

  • Deep Functionality: 100+ apps that cover the complete spectrum of consumer banking functionalities supporting User Segmentation, Up-sell & Cross-sell platform, multi-entity, multi-lingual, multi-currency features.
  • Omni Channel: Based on CORA framework, Apps can be configured once & accessed from different channels like Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
  • Rich & Intuitive UX: Offers a Rich user experience based on Apps & Workspaces that focus on customer and account context throughout the experience.
  • Ease of Integration: Powered by the FT Messaging Hub, which enables easy integration with Bank’s existing systems and Bank’s third party systems
  • Robust Security: Robust security management framework enabled through ARX, Polaris’ integrated suite of security services that provides end-to-end security at a low cost and minimal effort
  • Multiple Customer Segments:  Personalized Role based App configuration for bank’s different customer segments which includes different UI themes, products and services.
  • Multi Entity for Global Deployments: Multi Entity architecture can support Bank’s Global branches & new expansion plans
Our Approach


The business benefits gained by using Intellect RBX are as follows;

·         Customer Centricity

·         App based application

·         Framework driven App

·         Omni  Channel Solution

·         Frequently User  Apps

·         Contextual Apps

·         Placeholders for  Up-Sell  and Cross-Sell campaigns



The benefits gained by using Intellect RBX is as follows;

·         Higher Productivity: Superior integration capability to deliver more STP transactions

·         Higher Return on Investment: Single platform that enables Omni-Channel capability and lowers channel transaction cost


The benefits gained by using Intellect RBX are as follows

       Built on an extensible framework with sound integration capabilities

       Configuration-driven app development

       Seamless Omni-channel experience using CORA (Configure Once Run Anywhere) technology

       Proven and Scalable performance: Performance benchmarking by IBM with a target for 20,000 concurrent users


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