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Indoor Analytics Dome – Convert video into data

The MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome is a fixed IP camera that combines 1080p video with highly accurate analytics, making it ideal for banks that want to monitor and analyze customer and employee behavior so they can improve busThe MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome from March Networksis an analytics-enabled, fixed indoor IP camera with a remote zoom/focus lens for easy set-up. It combines high-definition (HD) 1080p video with powerful High Dynamic Range (HDR) for excellent image quality in all lighting conditions.


Convert your video into data that will help you analyze and improve your business:

The camera is ideal for retailers and banks that need the power of video analytics to automatically monitor and improve business efficiency. When combined with March Networks Searchligh software, the MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome allows you to integrate video from your bank branches with POS/teller/ATM data and video analytics, making it easy to perform tasks like monitoring queue lengths, gauging customer dwell time, people counting, operations and security audits, and much more — all via an intelligent, icon-driven dashboard.



March Networks’ analytics reside on the camera, as opposed to on a server or in the cloud. This provides real-time, accurate analytics, without degrading server perfor­mance or compromising bandwidth.

The camera provides a good balance between accuracy and field-of-view, so it can be used for effective traditional surveillance in addition to its analytics capabilities.



Even when lighting conditions are highly contrasted the MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome is equipped to deliver all the details, thanks to its HDR technology. The camera captures images of the same scene — taken with varying shutter speed/ aperture combinations — and produces a set of images with varying luminosity and depth of field. It then automatically merges those images together to create video comprised of the most focused, well-lit, and colorful parts of the scene.iness efficiency.

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