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IndiKtor TST – Testing Solution

IndiKtor-TST (Testing Solutions) is an end-user oriented solution aimed at providing end-users the ability to test Financial Software Packages from a business process perspective without having to have any in-depth knowledge of the software package itself.

User Acceptance Testing is a critical phase in all implementation projects. It requires full implication from end users to validate scope and consistency of system before release to production. At this stage it is essential for the users to be committed to their testing task and confident on results.
With IndiKtor-TST we have created a dedicated testing environment on which an end-user who is not necessarily familiar with the details of the financial software can set up his own business oriented test sets, test scenarios, and expected results in a spreadsheet (Excel or Web page). Running these tests against the financial software package, the data is automaticaly processed and expected results are compared to effective results to immediately highlight any descrepancies.
User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Business Analysts & Operations
  • User sets up test scenarios through a Wizard
  • Scenarios, test cases and excepted results are stored and manipulated in Excel files
  • IndiKtor-TST automatically interfaces the information managed in the Excel files with the financial software.
  • Expected results are compared to effective test results and any discrepancies highlighted through the IndiKtor-QA technology
Objectives & Advantages
  • Component, integration and stress tests
  • Regression and repetitive testing
  • Simulation of business events and data
  • Daily testing approach
  • Reusability and automation of tests
  • Easy integration to Software Testing Factory


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