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IndiKtor – Monitoring Integration Plateform

IndiKtor is an innovative software platform designed to transform the way your organization creates and delivers its monitoring features across the entire lifecycle of customer needs.
Only through a combination of Business, Software, System and Security information is it possible to acquire a global and in depth understanding of the underlying risks related to your activity.

 IndiKtor – Monitoring Integration Platform Specifics

  • Integrated Monitoring: more than ever grasping the global picture of your information system coming from technical, business, software and security background to provide unique alerting strategies,
  • Making Risk Monitoring Simple means within a few clicks, IndiKtor users can tailor a monitoring approach (risk levels, alerts, dashboards) to their specific surveillance needs, providing immediate results and requiring no technological expertise.
  • Time to Market: start monitoring your risk within just a few days thanks to our KPI library, preconfigured alerts and standard dashboards
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Using IndiKtor API, your teams can now manage custom extensions to the monitoring scope withour having to rely upon IndiKtor teams, thereby significantly enhancing implementation and maintenance capacities whilst ensuring your organization fully masters project lifecycles and costs.
  • Integrated Connectivity via SNMP, Mail and SMS to communicate with any support team or legacy monitoring system within your organization.
  • Simplified Application Administration to speed up and secure all deployment activity.
  • ROI within first year, due to fewer production incidents, fewer resources dedicated to surveillance, no development costs and better grasp of your risks


IndiKtor KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) help you define and measure progress towards a target risk organisation. IndiKtor comprises a library of KPI designed to monitor individual components of your information system at a very detailed level. From this detailed
view, IndiKtor provides extensive aggregation capacities among the individual inputs to manage the very specific risks pertaining to your organisation.

  • IndiKtor KPIs are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand, that reflect the critical success factors of your organization
  • IndiKtor ensures there is a way to accurately define and measure KPIs
  • IndiKtor KPIs will differ depending on the nature of your organization and its strategy

IndiKtor KFI – Key Functional Indicators

Key Functional Indicators (KFI) are a set of business oriented metrics derived by indiKtor from the more technical KPI concept. IndiKtor KFI are quantifiable indicators related to the business efficiency of your organization. IndiKtor, through an innovative data
model provides end users the ability to manipulate business and technical monitoring data alike in order to build ad-hoc operational surveillance risk models.

  • Back-office: generating accounting events, trades to process in queue, on time settlements, confirmations…
  • Middle-office: event propagation (trade amends, trade cancels),position transfer…
  • Front-office: credit limits, trades expiry, reset

Performance Monitoring

Financial Institutions are constantly investing in complex Front to Back systems to cater for their growing market activity. Once a Financial Software Package is up and running, it will inevitably encounter at some stage performance issues that can be related to numerous causes (volumes, user activity, hardware, upgrades, functional requirements,…)
IndiKtor Performance Monitoring focuses on a “bottom-up” review, covering all aspects of the information system: from low level technical component…right up to functional setups.
At each stage of this approach, indiKtor seeks out, identifies and analyzes specific elements that are likely to impact performance.

Financial Software Monitoring

Based upon extensive knowledge gained over the years, our IndiKtor teams have set up ad-hoc solutions to pinpoint production issues on Financial Software. Combining this vast experience with IndiKtor monitoring and investigation capacities, we now provide dedicated Production Monitoring Solutions.



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