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Jacob Aruldhas
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IMS Gateway

IMS Gateway – fully functional middleware service that integrates applications and facilitates messaging between all internal applications and external entities with high level of control.It also have inbuilt libraries to change message formats from one standard to another any format to any format.

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IMS Solutions - Payments, Remmitance, Message Library

IMS is a series of fully functional solutions that automates message handling rules and transaction processing workflows. Some of the key solutions and modules are listed below.Payments and Remittance,Settlements,Tradeservices,Single Gateway,Notifications and Reporting,Message Library,Client Portals

IMS Settlement

IMS Settlement automates the entire Settlement Processing Cycle for a buy side firm. Affirmed Trades are collected,settlement instructions to custodians are created,incoming Confirm/Status messages are processed,request for Status/Cancel are created, tracked and followed all the way to Settlement.

IMS Trade Services

IMS Trade Services automates preparation of MT 700 series messages. Interfaces are provided to create,validate, approve,authorize and release new requests.High levels of controls including validations and approvals of specific documents are provided through User Interfaces by State and Status.