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Jill M Flett
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IMBridge™ -A flexible and powerful middleware application.

IMBridge™ – Information Mosaic’s  integration solution is a lightweight Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) aimed at integrating data and services in a secure manner within an existing information ecosystem. IMBridge™ delivers flexible interface configuration to enable you to quickly and efficiently develop custom services, data translation and enrichment between all systems in your IT environment.

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IMActions™- An award winning corporate actions solution

Information Mosaic’s announcement capture and full downstream processing corporate actions solution, IMActions™, is an intuitive and award-winning automation solution giving your business the control to manage corporate actions processing seamlessly, regardless of complexity or volume.


A new generation link and pre-processing application to your post-trade environment. IMConnecting™ is a web-enabled solution that uses the latest and innovative internet technologies to provide a self-service window to your post-trade environment for front office and end-customer users.The service puts end-users in control, enabling them to improve decision making with value-added front end capability. …

IMAnalytics™ - A powerful query, analysis & graphics tool

IMAnalytics™ is a fast, flexible and intuitive business intelligence tool. It combines the simplicity of a search engine with state of the art visualization enabling business users to query data and create reports however and whenever needed, without the need for specialised database skills or IT resources. IMAnalytics™ provides power visualisation tools like graphs, charts, speed-dials, …