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iBalance Optimized Rebalancing solution

The iBalanceTM rebalancing module optimizer solves the most difficult portfolio rebalancing problems. By combining soft models and portfolio constraints, the iBalanceTM engine identifies the most appropriate trading recommendations while minimizing dispersion & taking care of taxation prerogatives.

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iBalanceTM is the perfect tool for pre-trade Compliance Management, Workflow Automation, Portfolio Modeling, Strategic Rebalancing and Reporting. It can integrate with existing back office systems and feed your trading system. Allows to manage more personalized portfolios with less resources.

iBalance Modeling solution

softTarget’s iBalance provides the ability to react quickly, precisely and consistently. You set the rules and the investment strategy and iBalanceTM actively monitors them for you, sends alerts when needed and generates optimized trading recommendations upon request. You are in the driver seat!

iBalance Portfolio Management Solution

Modeling, Optimized Rebalancing, Compliance and Workflow Automation for equities, fixed income and derivatives. Advantage : -Improved efficiency -Made to measure solution -Fast implementation of investment strategy -Workflow automation -Policy enforcement -Risk Management -Tax optimization