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I-Trader is a sophisticated platform for Trading, Market Making, Order Matching and Position Keeping for shares and derivatives. Issuers, Traders and Market Makers use I-Trader to trade and quote instruments on multiple exchanges and ECNs concurrently.


The Background

Today, most systems used to trade issued derivatives are not truely dedicated to market making. They send out quotes to the connected ECNs or exchanges, and only have some hard-coded control functions to stop quoting. 

Successful and reliable quoting, pricing and market making of instruments requires a system which provides sophisticated quoting strategies and calculation methods, and which are based on reliable and low latency market information. 

Furthermore, the continuously increasing volume and speed of market events, such as product price movements, competitors’ price movements, incoming news, etc. require
flexible trading models and quoting strategies and low latency for fast reactions.



I-Trader is a quoting engine for exchange trading, market making, order matching and position keeping. The flexible and programmable quote engine, along with the integration of real-time data sources and exchange information, allows issuers, traders and brokers to calculate and quote prices for all kind of securities on multiple electronic exchanges.


Quoting Strategies – Significantly, trading models and quoting strategies are definable via a spreadsheet-like formula interface.


Low Latency – I-Trader provides a flexible, high performance, highly scalable pricing and quoting platform and is designed for rapidly increasing market volumes. 


Functionality – Highly powerful functions provide dealers with the ability to view and manage counterparty risk, working orders, executed trades and positions. 


I-Trader‘s spreadsheet-like formula editor allows the trader to define exactly and in advance the reaction of the I-Trader system to any market event (e.g. product price movements, competitor price movements, incoming news, etc.). 


The highly configurable front end allows teams of traders to control and trade huge numbers of instruments, even enabling a single trader to manage a large number of instruments. 


I-Trader monitors the accuracy of the status for all instruments and informs the trader immediately about potential and existing problems. The number of automatically monitored instruments can be defined in the quoting strategy along with an automatic action (e.g. stop quoting). This allows the trader to focus on handling exceptions and maintaining or improving the strategy in parallel with active market making.


Audit Trail – I-Trader usage is controlled via a built-in flexible permissioning system and is fully auditable as all changes are recorded in a dedicated database. All trades and other configurable market events are recorded, allowing analysis of the complete life cycle of the trade from requests for quotes (RFQs) to the final confirmation.


Supported Exchanges

I-Trader supports, out-of-the-box, all major ECNs and exchanges trading issued products, as well as FIX protocol-based platforms :


Xetra 9.x


Scoach Europe







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