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Horizon Yield Curve Analysis

The Horizon Suite of products is a set of sophisticated financial data charting and analysis tools that has been used at many of the most prestigious financial institutions by traders and sales personnel around the globe. It is now also popular with middle office and back office personnel that need a cost effective way to look at market trends in financial data. The range of users includes banks, hedge funds, financial service providers and buy-side users.

The range of products includes:

Horizon uses an extensive database of financial market data which is owned by DTS. DTS has been collecting data since 1992 and the database goes back as far as 1970’s for some currencies.

The heart of the functionality of the Horizon Premium application is the Graph Definition Dialogue (“GDD”) that allows the user to plot, format and manipulate any of the data types that the user selects. Included in the functions that are incorporated in the GDD are spreads, correlations, volatilities, time offsets and much more.

Both time series and term structure data can be presented on one graph. This means that users can compare (for example) market forecasts with what actually happened in the market on the one display.

Horizon can be used as a relatively simple charting tool or for the more adventurous users it can be an extremely powerful tool that has been efficiently used to help predict changes in market movements or identify possible arbitrage opportunities. Horizon quickly charts even the most intricate analysis.

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