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Holiday Data Service® for Financial Applications

COPP CLARK’S HOLIDAY DATA SERVICE® is the preferred solution by clients that need reliable and accurate holiday reference data in their systems.

In today’s unpredictable and fast-paced markets, it is essential to know when holidays will occur and what their impact will be.

With timely and accurate information, you can reduce the risk of an extra day’s interest paid, a failed trade, or unnecessary administrative expense.

Copp Clark keeps you informed.
Holidays and trading hours for many exchanges are in constant flux and require continuous monitoring. Holidays are revised regularly, often on very short notice.

In-house initiatives to research, cleanse and maintain this data represent a significant business expense and come with inherent risks, particularly when conducted without sufficient expertise.

That’s why financial organizations around the world look to Copp Clark for a reliable, cost effective solution.

While some sources only list general financial holidays, Copp Clark specifies what each holiday affects: currency, bank, exchange trading, exchange settlement – the details that matter.

Copp Clark is the authoritative source for holiday reference data relating to global financial markets.

Subscribing to Copp Clark’s Holiday Data Service® provides industry-standard holiday and trading hours reference data with outstanding customer support, for one low annual fee.

Here’s how it works.
Holiday Data Service® clients receive a complete set of holiday data files covering all the market sectors, extending as many years forward as required. These files are delivered by secure FTP in standard (xls, txt, csv, xml), custom or vendor-specific formats.

Throughout the year, our experienced team monitors changes to holidays and hours of operation affecting markets around the world. When there is a confirmed change to an observation, clients are notified; replacement files are delivered.

All subscriptions include 24/7 access to, a handy quick-reference website that is maintained and updated daily, providing information on holidays for every currency, more than 400 exchanges and all major financial centres around the world. 

Start with a 30-day trial.
Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about Copp Clark’s service options. When you are ready to proceed, we will ask you to sign our standard supply agreement. You pay no money in advance. There are no start-up or maintenance fees. Your signed supply agreement is all we need to initiate service.

To ensure complete satisfaction, we offer a 30-day no obligation trial period. The subscription can be cancelled at any time during the trial period without further obligation. You will not be invoiced until your trial period is complete.

Leave the rest to us.
With Copp Clark you are assured of:

  • Responsive and professional support
  • Email alerts on changes to holiday observances
  • Data files updated as required throughout the year
  • Automatic delivery of updated holiday data files
  • Replacement files whenever required or requested
  • Customization when required
  • 24/7 Access to

Data categories and services

  • Currency non-clearing days
  • FX market holidays
  • Bank holidays
  • Exchange trading holidays
  • Exchange settlement holidays
  • Trading hours & early closings

No-charge extras

  • Weekend definitions
  • Working weekends
  • Partial holidays
  • T+ rules report
  • Time zones
  • Daylight saving time
  • Historical data

Rely on our accuracy and service.
Copp Clark data is originated entirely by our research group. It is always verified from source, and never influenced or derived from third-party services. The result is a degree of accuracy and service that is second to none.

“We have been extremely happy with the service [provided by Copp Clark] and would strongly recommend it based on the quality of the data, high level of service and modest price. The data has been a tremendous help to our organization.”
— A leading asset manager

Choose your data file format.
Holiday data is available in standardized txt, xls, csv, or xml file formats. Where possible, we will also customize to fit specific format and security requirements, without extra charge. Trading hours and early closing data is available in csv or xls formats.

Compatible files are available for many leading application vendors including: AMT Sybex, Calypso, City Networks, CYMBA, Eagle Investment Systems, Fidessa, Financial Software Systems, G2 Systems/Advent Geneva, IT2, TwoFour, Joss Technologies, Murex, Open Link, Quantifi, SAP, Sungard, Thinkfolio, Trema and Wall Street Systems.

We can also assist in addressing the needs of applications requiring algorithmic entry.


Additional services:

T+ Exchange Settlement Calendar
T+ Exchange Settlement Calendar provides valid trade dates and corresponding settlement dates for world exchanges.

Trading Hours Report®
Trading Hours Report® provides regular and irregular trading hours for all exchange-traded products on more than 300 stock and derivatives markets around the world. Files are delivered monthly in csv or xls formats. Each update covers one year and includes a report of changes to the following data categories:

  • Country name and ISO code
  • Market name and ISO Market Identifier Code (MIC)
  • Product group
  • Product name
  • Product type
  • Product or group code
  • Calendar range
  • Day range
  • Trading phases
  • Phase type
  • Trading hours by phase open and close
  • Random periods
  • Last confirmed date
  • Time zone: GMT offset for Standard Time, DST, and Olson designation

NEW! Stocks Trading Calendar
Included with your subscription to Trading Hours Report®, this variant combines day-by-day records for approximately 150 stock markets. Electronic trading hours are reported in local time from the opening call to the close, with our value-added Phase Type feature included for data filtering. Files are delivered in csv format, and updates are delivered whenever Copp Clark holiday updates are released. Stocks Trading Calendar features:

  • One year of data for main cash stock markets
  • Day-by-day records for full non-trading, regular trading and partial trading dates
  • Electronic trading hours from opening to closing call in local time (24-hour format)
  • Random periods recorded where appropriate
  • Phase Type included (for data filtering)
  • Seasonal, temporary and DST-effect timetables
  • Time zone/DST data provided in separate report
  • Available in comma text delimited, which can be opened in Excel®
  • Updates released in sequence with holiday updates

NEW! Cash Products Report, Derivative Products Report
Cash Products Report and Derivative Products Report are included with your subscription to Trading Hours Report®. These variants separate our trading hours data into two distinct reports: one for Cash and one for Derivatives.

Save time and money. Eliminate risk.
Copp Clark is the authoritative source for information on holiday observances affecting world financial markets. Our trading hours, early closing and holiday reference data is trusted and recognized globally as the market standard.

For more information on Holiday Data Service® or to subscribe for a 30-day trial, please call one of our representatives listed on the back. To learn more about Copp Clark, visit us at

For more information or to subscribe, please contact:

North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Brazil and Mexico
Carol Champ — Copp Clark Limited, Canada
Tel: +1 (647) 986 – 3478 (Toronto, GMT –5)
Email: [email protected]

Latin America (excluding Brazil and Mexico)
Carlos Espana — Carlos Espana y Asociados S.A., Chile
Tel: +56 (0) 2 235 – 0797
Email: carl[email protected]

Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)
Sean Donovan — Jayasoft Media Services Pte Ltd, Singapore
Tel: +65 9632 – 8768
Email: [email protected]

Nomura Research Institute, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0) 45 277 – 9260
Email: [email protected]

Or visit us at

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