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High-value payment processing

Your benefits:
  • Full control for time-critical payments
  • Timely notification of change in ownership
  • Trusted party confirmation of completed payment
  • Optimisation of interest income vs costs

Maintain full control of time-critical, high-value payments with Equens. By keeping your clients fully informed of fund ownership, you will be a valued service provider for key business transactions. The extremely high reliability of our systems will give you the complete certainty you require for your transfers of large amounts.

Transactions in the money market or credit business ranging from one million euros to several billion euros often involve payments that need to be processed the same day. Because instant notification is usually required before ownership can be transferred between the sending and receiving parties, rapid confirmation of payment from a trusted party is critical to the completion of major business deals.

Our high-value payment processing service ensures same-day processing in the shortest and most effective way, so you never run the risk of having to wait a full day. Combined with the reliability of our systems and processes, we provide the certainty and speed required for high-value transactions. Moreover, same-day processing achieves significant savings on interest costs associated with large deposits.




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