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Stephen C. Perrenod
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Grid Optimizer

Grid Optimizer enhances cluster and grid job throughput dramatically. Existing workload managers miss opportunities to optimize resource usage. Multi-core processing widens the ‘scheduling gap.’ Grid Optimizer monitors systems and optimally schedules large workloads in a highly dynamic manner. Grid Optimizer adds support for job arrays for WLMs which lack this feature. It works in conjunction with a wide range of existing workload managers and is available for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS/X platforms. It optimizes performance for clusters, grids, and single multi-core servers.

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Multi-Core Optimizer

Multi-Core Optimizer virtualizes individual cores within a system and efficiently allocates application work to the available cores. With Multi-Core Optimizer, system performance and throughput can be improved dramatically, translating into several tangible benefits: a) more work can be completed in less time, which equates to ‘faster time to result’ / ‘faster time to money’; and …

eXludus Multicore Systems

eXludus solutions unlock the potential of multicore systems in data centers, clusters, and grids, allowing the full benefits of multicore processing and virtual machines to be realized. Businesses get results faster, so decisions can be made faster, without need for any application or infrastructure changes. eXludus Solutions: Optimize core and memory utilization Speed deployment of …

eXludus RepliCator

eXludus RepliCator. RepliCator is parallel file serving software designed to enhance data throughput on commodity clusters, as either a stand-alone product or in conjunction with Grid Optimizer.