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GRACE-ODD Operational Due Diligence-Institutional Investors

GRACE-ODD is a web based system for institutional investors to conduct standardized operational due diligence of investment firms on an ongoing basis.You can set up standardized checklist, record information, set up alerts , record & monitor risks, graphical business analytics & export to pdf,excel

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GRACE Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRACE-Integrated GRC. automates policies and procedures, regulations management, risk assessments, audits internal controls, loss event management, IT and data privacy management, and vendor risk based on Basel II / III expectations, to create a single source of truth for risks and mitigation

GRACE-Vendor for Vendor Risk Management

GRACE-Vendor is a web based system for setting up procedures, do vendor assessments for monitoring process adherence, business continuity, records management and ensure that service providers do not create operational or compliance risks to firms

GRACE- End-to-End Integrated Client Management

GRACE Integrated Client Management integrates the life cycle processes of a client from prospecting, CRM, portfolio creation, suitability review, account opening due diligence, AML, trade monitoring, best execution, portfolio review, secure client communication, client portal,document management.