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Ipreo London Office

1st Floor, Castle House 37-45 Paul Street




Kristine Schweinsbur
[email protected]

Global Markets Intelligence

Led by the same people who revolutionized the market intelligence industry in the 1990s, our team of advisors is among the most experienced in the industry. Building on a thorough understanding of capital markets, our holistic capital structure approach allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective of today’s increasingly frenetic and challenging markets.

Ipreo’s Global Markets Intelligence focuses on understanding institutional shareholder movements while providing a complete view of all factors contributing to the underlying valuation of a company’s entire capital structure (equity, debt, etc).

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iPlanner / iConference

iPlanner and iConference combine a global event management system for roadshows and other marketing initiatives with a conference management application that facilitates organization and execution of larger marketing events with target investors. Coordinators can manage the registration process for investors and companies, manage the presentation schedule, coordinate one-on-one meetings, as well as generate real-time schedule …

Retail Bookbuild

The Ipreo Retail System provides a single platform that allows you to easily market all new-issue products, across securities markets, to your retail brokers, whether you’re a small wealth management division or a large global brokerage business.

BD Corporate

BD Corporate is the most comprehensive Investor Relationship Management solution on the market, containing the most accurate and up-to-date profiles of institutional money managers, their holdings, and robust hedge fund data, all supported by award winning customer service. Built on the Bigdough legacy of industry-leading institutional contacts data & profiles, Ipreo’s BD Corporate platform is …