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Omega Financial Solutions Head Office

32 rue de la Boétie


+ 961 1 384030


Georges Kouchakji
[email protected]

GAIA Fund Management

Multi-Asset, Multi-Currency, Multi-Class Fund Management Solution.
Performance and Contribution Analysis, Modeling, Rebalancing, Benchmarking
NAV Calculation and Accounting.
Fund Administration with Subscription/Redemption and Shareholder Registry Management.
Constraints and Compliance Management.

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GAIA Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management System, Performance & Contribution Analysis, Simulation, Modeling, Re-balancing, Cash Management, Constraints and Compliance Engine, Margin Based Trading, Collateral Management, Order Management System (OMS), Swift Messaging, Corporate Action Engine, Front-To-Back Management.

GAIA Treasury

GAIA Portfolio Management features applied on Own Portfolio. Management according to IFRS9 standards. Full REPO Management with contract setting, collateral management, margin calls, etc. Placement and Borrowings Management. Counterparty Exposure Limit Management