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Peter Kosakowski
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Foreign Exchange Transaction Cost Analysis - FX TCA

FX Transparency, LLC. leverages "Big Data" to provide their market leading FX Transaction Cost Analysis (FX TCA). Our FX TCA cloud-based platform allows clients to run both Pre-Trade and Post-Trade analytics on the fly, 
using sophisticated data visualization graphics, while our expert consulations provide a highly personalized review of transaction costs with recommended corrective actions that are designed to save money and improve FX execution quality. 

Our firm’s FX TCA service provides a totally objective calculation of your actual FX costs, so that you know down to the dollar how much each trading partner makes on the flow from both your internal and external managers, with a cost breakdown per strategy, per currency & tenor, etc. We then compare those costs with our Peer Universe (300 Asset Owners & Managers) to see how the costs stack up against your peers. This 2 part process allows us to identify areas where we can suggest strategies to save money and improve execution.