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Johanna Gerstein
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FS² Treasury


FS² Treasury is an impressive, commanding robust treasury management solution that puts your treasury teams in control with powerful business intelligence tools; including transparent real-time information from your SAP environment to enable your organization for perceptive, clever and wise business decisions to stay ahead of industry curves.  

Let FS² Treasury help you improve your financial risk management through the integration of your processes and help you be prepared for what may occur with today’s volatile industry conditions or disruptions as you aim to manage risk, and improve your treasury efficiencies.  With FS² Treasury, you can benefit from the unique bundle of easy-to-use financial instruments to manage, examine and maintain daily activities such as money market, foreign exchange, interest derivatives, loans, guarantees, and securities.  Also, it effortlessly allows observation into evaluation methods for the complete organization overview. At the same time, it provides a centralized in-house banking system for Accounts Payable (AR) and Accounts Receivable (AR) to help reduce the number of external banks and accounts which helps save costs.  In addition, FS² Treasury provides complete netting cycles allowing automatic clearing, management of numerous currencies and maintain compliance with international rules and guidelines.  FS² Treasury provides additional value by integrating on-line dealing platforms to provide a complete picture and support straight-through processing (STP), from trade initiation to accounting and hedging a trade against risk. It combines powerful standard features with the flexibility needed for your individualized reporting and analytics.

Take advantage of a holistic integration with FS² Treasury fully embedded in SAP, which can also allow the incorporation of non-SAP subsidiaries.  You can utilize your SAP data, including multiple SAP systems, additional information from various ERP systems and other sources.  Also, as part of the FS² software suite, this powerful module easily adds other components of the modern technology family such as FS² CashLiquidity and FS² Payments for the maximum liquidity planning and payment management.  This seamless incorporation of your data is presented with expedient drill-down functionality and vibrant graphics on dashboards configured by you and your end users. With FS² Treasury, your current technology investments are utilized ensuring the highest level of integration with SAP while providing you with the benefits of ECC, HANA, and S/4HANA Finance.

Interestd? Request a free live demo of FS² Treasury!

Highlights & Benefits of FS² Treasury

  • Transparent real-time information directly from SAP
  • Installs direclty in SAP
  • Unique bundle of easy-to-use financial instruments
  • Centalized in-house banking
  • Complete netting cycles for automatic clearing
  • Compliant with international rules and guidelines
  • Easily integrates with on-line dealing platforms
  • Robust reports, analytics, and metrics
  • Compatible with other powerful FS² modules – FS² CashLiquidity and FS² Payments
  • Adaptable with latest SAP technology – ECC, HANA, S/4HANA Finance
  • Added value and capitalization of investment into your SAP system 
  • Trusted SAP security

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