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FORPOST*Loans is a comprehensive set of typical credit products. FORPOST*Loans features accounting of mortgages and guarantees, calculation of special reserves, portfolio management, risk control and management of written-down loans. Products are accompanied by an advanced reporting system.

Basic Products:

  • Term loan
  • Annuity loan 
  • Credit line 
  • Simple overdraft 
  • Payment card overdraft

It is also possible to make other products based on the features of the above products. Property archive is used for the accounting of mortgages and guarantees.

Main functionality of various loan types:

  • Contract registration
  • Contract status viewing
  • Credit rating
  • Formation and maintenance of contract schedules
  • Schedule of contract interest rate changes
  • Contract payments
  • Loan delivery
  • Management of the bank obligation to give a credit
  • Changing of the main and additional contract conditions
  • Accrual and payment of interest
  • Payment of obligation fee
  • Imposing and payment of penalties
  • Credit contract (tranche) within the credit line
  • Amount write-off from the off-balance account on expiry of the credit granting term
  • Reserves
  • Overdraft account blocking
  • Contract closing
  • Mortgage management
  • Reserve calculation
  • Insurance
  • Risk management
  • Write-off loan management

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